Deep Sanctuary is a radio show by DJ Fennis & DJ Blue Witch.

“A Romantic Love Letter of Enchanting and Classic Dark Music for your Warm Red Velvet Heart.”

The concept for Deep Sanctuary radio was born when musician Johnny Madison decided the fruits of a collaboration between DJ Blue Witch and DJ Fennis would be rich, bountiful and wonderfully strange. Two very different, yet equally passionate, takes on the dark music realm… each pushing the other to further extremes of audio ecstasy. Fragrance, wine, easy conversation and the all important (and diverse) sounds of the dark realm. Spanning the complete spectrum: from classic post-punk/gothic-rock to ritual ambient to neofolk to synthpop and dark wave. It’s all here. Take a taste. Don’t like it? That’s okay, it’s all part of the plan. Push yourself, open up for the supreme entry – Deep Sanctuary. You’re safe here with us. We’ve done this before.


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